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Our experienced team at Excel Institute has coaching modules specially designed for candidates from various fields and organizational levels. The Excel Counseling & Training team in our Bangalore institutes provide the best guidance, expert mentor-ship and a great overall learning experience available at affordable prices in Bangalore. We provide impeccable standards of teaching/coaching, skill improvement with ample practical knowledge, theory classes, additional practice and sufficient revision sessions.

  • BASIC ACCOUNTS (Fundamentals of Accounting)
  • TALLY ERP 9 +GST (Latest Tally software training/practice)
  • ADVANCED TALLY (Payrolls and Statutory Regulations)

Basic Accounts

Maybe you’ve never studied accounting before and you’re starting for the first time…

Or maybe you’ve been studying it for a while and you just don’t get it…

Or maybe you feel like you know it pretty well, apart from a few small things…

Well, no matter who you are, if you don’t understand the basic accounting concepts then you’re going to have a tough time with the subject.

What do we mean by the basic accounting concepts?

Well, it’s the fundamentals of the subject. The basic stuff. The stuff which – if you didn’t get it down – you’d be screwed!

No matter how hard you studied for the exam – you’d still fail… And sorry to tell you this, but you’d fail again, and again… That’s how crucial this section is…

Now, the first thing you should always do, no matter what subject you’re studying, is to define the subject itself. I know, this sounds kind of dumb, but it’s actually true. And it’s the first basic concept.

Let’s try it out… Let’s define accounting. Read through this short lesson before anything else, then move on through the rest of the lessons…

The Basic Accounting Equation is the key, key, key, key equation of the subject. Did I mention it’s key? If you understand this simple, yet often misunderstood equation, you will be leap years ahead of most accounting students! I really mean it… You see, everything in accounting – and I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g – revolves around this equation! The rest of the subject is a breeze if you get this concept.

And in order to fully understand this key, key equation, we will be taking a detailed look at each of its three components:
1. Assets
2. Liabilities
3. The Owners Equity.

By learning what each of these terms mean, and how they add up to the equation, you’ll be in a perfect position to go through more complicated parts of the subject, like debits and credits (scary terms, but please don’t run away yet!

We’ll get to this and sort it all out pretty soon!.


With the GST implementation, various accounting software such as ClearTax and Tally are available to help you prepare your books in alignment with GST rules. In this course, we will guide you on how to use Tally ERP 9.

1. How to create a company
2. Enabling GST features in Tally
3. Ledger Creation

After creating a company and activating GST features, you need to create ledgers that will enable you to pass accounting entries in Tally.

After having done the above 3 steps, you can start entering accounting entries in Tally. There are many accounting Vouchers in Tally such as Payment, Receipt, Contra, Sales, Purchase, etc. Choose the relevant Voucher and start passing the accounting entries.


The Advanced Tally course includes Accounts training and additional Payrolls, Statutory Regulations and Tax filing methodologies. Moreover the course will provide you extra practice sessions to ensure you are well equipped and comfortable with the Tally Software.