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COMMITMENT has been the conduit and is the dominant factor propelling Excel Institute into a direction of sustained excellence. Established in 2000, it holds the distinction of having an array of various educational courses enabling its students to choose and have the option of customizing to their satisfaction. Closing onto two decades, its very well developed into a body of global appeal blending in with the world becoming a global village attracting students from all parts of the world.

Excel’s repertoire boasts of accreditation from the prestigious British Council and IDP Australia making it the most sought after educational Institute and number one in Bangalore.



Effective curriculum, market relevant skills, qualified teachers, career guidance and work place classroom learning. The aforementioned factors are the building blocks of Excel Institute and are what it thrives on.

At Excel Education Institute we also undertake corporate training and group coaching by conducting short term courses, seminars, and workshops especially designed and customized according to your needs. These courses invariably are aimed towards personality development and confidence building skills so as to grow and mature necessary leadership traits in participants.


To achieve the above grind, hone and polish those English linguistic skills since it is considered to be a universal language. Its outreach is far and wide not just in the home country India, but abroad as well. Being articulate and eloquent has become an indispensable component in all realms of work place and social inter-personal interactions. It is a magic potion to climbing the ladder to success along with intellectual ability and hard work.

Communicative English Language being a very important aspect, there are several parallels that Excel Institute looks into. There is a wide range of courses that we have to offer such as Spoken English, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT, PTE, Computer Software, Accounts and many more that are best suited to the specific need of individuals.

All the courses are the need of today’s education and job scenario with specialization being at the helm in the greater scheme of things. The intent therefore remains very simple - to provide a more holistic approach with excellence and proficiency in not just the English Language, but also various other relevant disciplines in which you can improve your skill set.


A highly dedicated team of education counselors, office managers, assistants and a very well qualified teaching faculty bring their best to the table. They help in getting their best out of every student through individual attention, flexibility in timings and course customization as per your requirements.


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